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Rashad Baadqir

Head Coach

Head Coach Rashad Baadqir (pronounced Bah-keer), enters the 2019-20 season taking the helm over after he started as a co-head coach in two seasons 2018-19 ( with former coach Lindsay Carroll) and each year the program under his leadership it has grown in every aspect from level of play and talent to wins and now the direction of the program. His career record as coach is 17-12, and 13-4 in the last two years..

In 2018, the club softball team’s second, the program hired coaches Rashad Baadqir and Lindsay Carroll as co-head coaches. In their first season, coaches Baadqir and Carroll guided the Hornets to their first wins in program history and season record of 4-8, with its biggest win over defending conference champ and rival UC Davis at home in Shea Stadium.

He has brought an enthusiasm and passion for teaching into what he does as a coach with positivity that has created a winning attitude and culture of standard of excellence for the club softball program. Coach Baadqir's coaching philosophy is promoted by the 5 P principle (Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance).